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February 12, 2018

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About This Project

CryptoSearch has the ability to look up recent statistics of any supported cryptocurrency. It was my first web app, and originally built with no frameworks in order to self-teach myself Javascript. The original Cryptosearch had numerous issues - such as not scaling well in small screen sizes, and being incompatible with some browsers.

Right after completing that project, I familiarized myself with the React.js framework and rewrote the web app with it. Though the main functionality is the same, the new app was improved greatly. Browser compatiblity and resolution size issues were completely fixed. I also decided to take advantage of React’s state management, so the search could auto-update as the user types their query into the search bar.

The original CryptoSearch was completed on January 24, 2018. CryptoSearch’s rewrite in React.js was completed on February 12, 2018. Below are links to the rewrite’s repo and Github Pages site. If you’re interested, you can also find the original version on my Github.



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